What Clients are saying?


I am having arthritis, varicosity and both knee joint paining for last 5 years. I used to get temporary relief with pain killers. After few days my right leg developed black colored swelling, feeling heaviness and severe pain which restricted my daily activities i.e. sitting for toilet, climbing staircase, walking etc. There was nobody to take care of mine at my house as I am staying alone. My neighbor contacted Dr. Palshetkar through the website; I could see the facilities at the hospital on the website and talk to the doctor prior to my treatment.

I was hospitalized in Ayurved Retreat Hospital for 1 monthwith the help of attendants sent to my residenceby the hospital. I received Panchakarma, Valukaswedan, Jalaukavacharan( leech therapy), traction.

Now my knee pain, swelling and heaviness of leg hasreduced and I can do my routine activities very well.