Includes five purification and detoxification processes viz. Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya, Ractamokshan. Panchakarma helps to remove deep rooted toxins which cause stress and ill health. It helps the body to achieve bioequilibrium of Vata- Pitta- Kapha Doshas i.e. the energies that govern the body functions.

Medicated (Emesis)

Body is rejuvenated by 'Abhyang - Swedan' and then after vomiting is induced to remove Kapha toxins collected in the liver, respiratory tract and all over the body.

Benefits- In Asthma, Allergies, Obesity, Skin Diseases, Hyperacidity, Migraine etc.

(Induced Purgation)

For cleansing gastrointestinal tract. It removes Pitta toxins accumulated in blood and liver.

Benefits-Digestive disorders, psoriasis, gynecological problems etc.

(Administration of medicines through nose)

Benefits-Useful in vertigo, sinusitis, hair problems, frozen shoulder etc. For improving memory eyesight.

(Bloodletting therapy)

Removing impure blood by leech or venesection.

Benefits-Chronic pain, Psoriasis etc.

( Colonic irrigation )

It is the enema therapy by medicated oils, ghee, decoction, honey etc. It cleanses the accumulated toxins and vitiated Vata, Pitta, Kapha through elementary canal.

Benefits-It is the principle treatment for Vata Vyadhi. Useful in arthritis, spine problems, paralysis, sexual disfunction, infertility, obesity, urinary stones and virtually all chronic diseases.

(Intra Uterine / Intra vesicular - per urethra instillation of medicines)

Medicated Ghee/Oil/Milk is administered through urethra to reach in the bladder. In female patients; along with the normal rout , Uttar Basti is administered through cervix to reach in the Uterus. It cleanses the bladder – uterus, mitigates Vat Doshand nourishes the tissue.

Benefits-Useful in loss of bladder- uterus tone, urine stones, fallopian tubal block, infertility, impotency, recurrent abortion.