Pandemic Immunity & Gulvel

Dr Rahul Palshetkar
Dr Yogini Palshetkar

(Ayurved Vachaspati)

B.O.M. - B.R.Harne Ayurvedic Medical College Karav-Vangani

Practitioner & Professor

Tinospora Cordifolia ( मराठी - गुळवेल, हिंदी- गिलोय , संस्कृत- अमॄता ) is a creeper easily found in jungles all over India, bears IMMUNOMODULATORY properties ( रोगप्रतिकार शक्ती वाढवणे ) along with RASAYAN activity ( Lifesaving Action ). Thousands of papers have been published in National and International Journals about its properties and clinical trials revealing Blood Purifier - Memory Enhancement - Liver Purifier - Anti Diabetic - Anti Gout - Anti Kapha Pitta - Cholesterol & Fat Lowering activities.

" AMRUT Syrup " is the natural form of Gulvel Kashay ( काढा )

In current Pandamic more focus should be on Immunity Boosting ( Making Ourself Sronger From Within) by Yoga , Pranayam, Meditation Suryanamaskar, Controlled Fasting , षड्रसात्मक Homemade Food, Non refined Til Oil, Lemon Juice , Chyavanprash, Living life in accordance with nature .....

And most important - GOOD HARMONIOUS THOUGHTS especially regarding HEALTH.

God Bless You with Health and Prosperity!!