Ayurveda, a word originated from Sanskrit consists of basically two words. Ayu, which means life and veda which means knowledge. Vedas have been acknowledged as the oldest written records in the history of civilizations. But more than a written record it is a compendium of the knowledge systems that were in vogue at that particular age in India. Ayurveda is known as a branch of the Atharvaveda, the fourth veda.

Ayurveda is also known for the introduction of the concept of holism into the medical systems.

It introduces a very radical concept that no man is an island, no man stands apart from the flow of the universe, but is an integral part of the system.
Whatever rules apply to the universe, applies to him also. Thus it is not only concerned with treating of a disease but bringing about a whole change in the person that he begins to feel harmony with the universe.

After a stint with the science you not only gain freedom from the ailments but in turn gain a new attitude towards life itself.