Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments actually relax the mind and body tissues and help them to repair, heal and revive naturally from within. It supply energy to the body and even promote the tissues to eliminate the biological toxins i.e. AmaDoshas. Thus before, along with and after Panchakarma procedures, rejuvenation maintains the harmony of mind and body.

Medicated (Oil/Ghee Massage)

Full body massage by herbal oils, medicated ghee, milk, honey.

Benefits- Reduces Vata Dosh, improves blood circulationmuscle tone - sleep, reduces pain - stress - wrinkles.

(Hot foamentation)

Different types of energy is given to the body in the form of dry steam produced by stone-sand or wet steam of decoction.

Benefits- Softens and moistens the body tissues. Mitigates Vat Vyadhi, pain, stiffness, swelling.

(Herbal powder massage).

Benefits- Removes dead skin tissue and cleanses it. Decreases subcutaneous fat. Tones the muscles. Revitalizes sense of touch.

Exclusive facial massage

by herb paste, honey, saffron, fruits, sandalwood, aloevera for optimum glow.

Medicated oil/ milk is poured on the body in multiple continuous streams while being massaged by therapist. It is a type of gentle massage for extreme relaxation

Benefits- Peripheral neuralgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS), Paralysis. Promotes healing of fractures.

Well like structure is prepared on the back/ vertebral column of the patient and warm oil or herbal paste is poured into it for giving fomentation to the injured region.

Benefits- Vat vyadhi, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, multiple fractures, sciatica.

Tub bath of medicated oil –milk or decoction.

Benefits- Vat vyadhi, paralysis, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, multiple fractures.

Medicated ghee-milk is allowed to get absorbed through retina of eye.

Benefits- Useful in squints, improving vision, as rejuvenation therapy to eye.

Specialized cap is fitted on the shaven head and warm medicated oil -ghee-milk is poured into it so as to remain it on the scalp for 30minutes. The medicinal properties of the oil- ghee get absorbed in the head.

Benefits- Psychiatric problems, Insomnia, Facial Paralysis, Alcoholic intoxication, Migraine.

Specialized rejuvenating massage by cooked rice or oodid, in herbal milk, fresh meat, herbal paste. The hot drugs are packed in a cotton bag and foamentation-massage is given.

Benefits- Paralysis, C.F.S., spinal canal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, fracture.

Medicated oil, decoction, buttermilk or milk is poured on forehead for 30 minutes. It's a type of gentle head-massage and fomentation without using hands.

Benefits-It is a completely relaxing treatment for nervous system. It removes deep rooted stress. Useful in depression, treatment of anxiety, epilepsy,hypertension, alcoholic intoxication, sleeplessness, paralysis. It strengthens hair and the sensory organs.

Medicated herbal oils are kept in a trough over the heart region and ieft for few minutes, allowing it to seep into the body. This helps the heart to recover from a stroke and strengthen the heart muscle wall. Time taken is 20-25 minutes

Benefits- Heart Diseases, Irregular Heartbeat , Angina.